Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Trouble with Joan Collins 1989

Joan Collins is interviewed in front of a celebrity audience of her friends and colleagues. There are clips from her films, a light-hearted analysis of her success in advertising, and trend-setting British designers create a new look for her.

Scoundrel by Joan Collins 1980

Revlon launches Scoundrel fragrance in 1980. The fragrance was advertised by the actress Joan Collins, also known as Alexis Carrington from the very famous TV soap "Dynasty." The scent is advertised under the slogan "Seize the moment" as witty and successful, designed for women with great personal style. Joan Collins describes it as sophisticated, elegant and a bit sexy.
Top notes: aldehydes, pineapple, bergamot, artemisia, mint and marigold. Heart: jasmine, hyacinth, mimosa, peach, cyclamen, lily of the valley, rose and tuberose. Base: cypress, cedar, oak moss, musk and raspberry.
The fragrance is available as pure perfume, and as a cologne spray since 1981.

The Gabor Sisters

The Gabor sisters are three famous Hungarian-American actresses/socialites, Magda (11 June 1915 – 6 June 1997), Zsa Zsa (born 6 February 1917), and Eva (11 February 1919 – 4 July 1995).
They were born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary to Vilmos and Jolie Gabor. The family moved to New York in the wake of World War II. Magda had played a small role in a Hungarian film before the war, so Jolie and her three daughters decided to move to Hollywood to break into the movie business.
Their claim to fame, perhaps beyond their acting careers, is that of serial matrimony: They are known for their numerous marriages. Magda was married six, Zsa Zsa eight (or nine; one marriage was illegal and annulled), and Eva five times. British actor George Sanders was married first to Zsa Zsa and later to Magda.