Sunday, May 22, 2011

Film,Ladies of the Chorus 1948

Ladies of the Chorus is a 1948 Hollywood film produced by Columbia Pictures. It stars Marilyn Monroe in an early role as Peggy Martin a dancer who falls in love with a wealthy man. Her mother, May (Adele Jergens) worries about the class difference between the two and wonders if her daughter will be happy. The film was directed by Phil Karlson.
Marilyn sings Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy and Anyone Can See I Love You.
This film was not a success, and so Marilyn's contract was not renewed.


Phil Karlson


Harry Sauber (screenplay), Joseph Carole (screenplay), and 1 more credit »

Former burlesque star May and her daughter Peggy dance in the chorus. When May has a fight with featured dancer Bubbles, Bubbles leaves the show and Peggy takes her place. When Peggy falls in love with wealthy Randy, May fears class differences may lead to misery. Marilyn sings "Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy" and "Anyone Can See I Love You."

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  1. Love this film - and now I can watch it here at the LouLou Cineplex!

    Thank you, Loulou

    - Glenn

  2. Its indeed a lovely film amd Marilyn is so young,thanks Glenn!