Monday, July 18, 2011

Cynthia Manley

A while ago this sweet and talented  lady was introduced to me by my dear friend Glenn Rivera,This is a Dazzling Diva that not could be absent on my blog.Thank you Cynthia for the photos and for being such a wonderful person!

This petite and powerful performer can steal your heart in one moment and then turn around and melt you with her passion.. She'll send a shiver up your spine, causing what Quincy Jones aptly described as “truth marks”, singing stories as though she were talking just to you. Cynthia carries on in the Blue Eyed Soul tradition. Her heroes are Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Tina Turner. She has been singing along with their records since she was a child on her parent’s coffee table.

In her illustrious career, she has recorded 5 national and international hit records, including covers of REMEMBER ME/AIN’ T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH, CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU, BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN, STAND, and CHAIN REACTION. As the original and only touring lead singer for the Boys Town Gang, she has been embraced by the dance community in a BIG WAY. Cynthia's performance record in America is hard to match, as she has performed in every major city, time and time again, as well as many small town venues and lounges, at their invitation. Whether it be a small number of music lovers or thousands of cheering fans, Cynthia gives 100%, when singing and performing.

Her music has also taken her to Japan ( 2 tours ), China, Oman, Brazil ( 3 tours ), South America, Italy ( 2 tours ), Switzerland, France, England, Ireland, Germany, and Spain.

One role Cynthia played was Janis Joplin, in a one woman play filled with singing. It was a successful run and gave Cynthia some much enjoyed theatrical training.

She was one of 10 artists to perform at the International New Music Seminar, in New York City.

Cynthia was named one of the Top 20 Artists of the Year, in Billboard magazine. Ms. Manley is most proud of her military tours. She has taken bands into Iraq, Bosnia, Baghdad, Kosovo, Korea, and many other places of danger for our troops, where she and her team had to wear flack jackets and bullet proof vests in 130* heat or freezing cold weather. On one base, only 23 soldiers were allowed to come to the performance because they were under alert. Cynthia began dancing with soldiers while singing, giving them a moment of peace, bringing tears to our brave men's faces. That is the kind of performer she is! Cynthia has composed 4 tunes that made it into produced and released movies. She has sung many commercials, both for radio and TV. Her background vocal group, in Los Angeles, has been on a dozen nationally recognized blues records. She has co-written and produced 4 “do it yourself ” CDs, including a Christmas CD.

In April of 2009, while touring Switzerland, she met Jamie Lewis, the hit making producer from Purple Music. They hit it off and in April , of 2010, theyreleased their original composition, GIVE. The record has sold many units and is being played on radio and indance clubs, around the world. Jamie and
Cynthia will have their next release ready by summer 2011.

Visit Cynthia Manley at her website

Cynthia Manley-At Last by singerling
CYNTHIA MANLEY love ain' t easy by singerling

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