Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perry Mason,The Case of Constant Doyle,with Bette Davis 1963

After the death of her husband and partner Joe Doyle, Constant Doyle takes on a case involving a young man who knew her husband. Constant asks for Perry's help and he suggests she hire the Paul Drake Detective agency to aid in the case of the Otis Instrument Co. Written by VTC
When Cal Leonard gets into trouble, he tries to get in touch with a lawyer he once met, Joseph Doyle but learns that the man has died. His wife and law partner, Constant Doyle, pays him a visit in jail but he's not keen on having her represent him. Cal was caught jumping the fence at the Otis Instrument Co, owned by Lawrence Otis who once used Doyle and Doyle as a law firm. It turns out that Cal's father once worked for Otis as an engineer but was an unreliable alcoholic. His cousin Steve Arthur still works there but is somehow making large deposits to his bank account. Cal is convinced that Otis has stolen some of his father's ideas on equipment miniaturization but when Steve Arthur is found dead, Cal is charged with murder. With Perry Mason in the hospital, Constant decides to represent him herself.

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