Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Christmas

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  1. Marilyn Monroe : 1) Red Wemette claims that Frank Schweihs told him that He (another guy) whacked Marilyn Monroe with Supository? 2.), Eugenia Pappas, who, upset by the knowledge,(schweihs reveal he whack Monroe) was soon shot through the chest and dumped into the Chicago River. Pappas's brother(or law) came forward in 1986 to reveal what his sister had told him about her ``killer fianc‚Frank Schweihs''-book.Author: Adela Gregory, Milo Speriglio 3)Felix milw Phil Alderisio said to Frank Schweihs a order came from Sam Giancana to whack Marilyn Also Schweihs told Alderisio he told his g/f Pappas inwhich Felix reply whack her? 4.Double-Cross Chuck Nicoletti told Chuck Giancana that Sam Giancana order 4 men to fly to San Francisco to Whack Marilyn and Chicago Chemist made Suppository. These men came at darkness sneak in whack marily .5) Double Cross Sam Giancana told Chuck Giancana He stood at foot of Marilyn bed at Cal Neva Lodge That he had Marilyn many times before He wanted her now & but what he didn't tell bro he have Marilyn life too? 6) Frank Sinatra /Sam Giancana used women (judith Exner Campbell/Marilyn Monroe& others) as bait to trap Kennedys and Used Ho's,Spys,couriers or bring back information ?Just as Giancana used others it wonder that Phylls McGuire didn't get hit by Giancana?7).Frank Cullotta on Utube Chuck Nicolette came to his Lounge(bar) 1st shortly before he was to go to a meeting (why?)March 29,1977,Nicoletti got whacked(.Only 3 miles from Melrose park to NorthLake IL,)That Frank said Nicoletti power go to his head & Roselli Silenced if knew info but didn't mention HSCA for Nicoletti /Sam Giancana /John Roselli ? Frank Said he Knew Joe Lombardo, Felix Milw Phil Alderisio & Frank Schweihs which were associates of Chuck Nicoletti and Frank pal Tony Spilotro ?8), Jeanne Carmen claims that Marilyn call her bday aug4 she was to busy,but next day aug5,1962 John Roselli told Carmen to leave Town (la) Carmen went Scottsdale Az Then Nov 16/18,1963 Mort Friedman & Johnny Roselli fly in Phoenix, Roselli - Friedman observed MtnShadowResort(2 or more days).Mountain Shadows Resort is located at 5445 E Lincoln Dr, Paradise Valley,only 3.5 miles paradise valley to Scottsdale Az.and 11 miles Phoenix to Scottsdale Az. Later Roselli call Carmen 1975 come Vegas then He told her not to worry no more because He whack Giancana?9.). Columnist Jack Anderson says that Roselli admitted knowing Ruby.Lewis McWillie work vegas & cal Neva Lodge was Ruby pal. Sinatra Employee Mike Shore got call from Ruby& Shore called Ruby bro & Irwin Weiner got call from Ruby ? Sinatra & Giancana partner cal Neva Lodge. Sam English/Joesph English bro Chuck English own Rim Rock RR ranch near Lake Montezuma Az And English called CalNeva Lodge1960s.Charles English / Dominic Blasi last ones to leave party Giancana home 6-19-75? Barney Perlman DOB 2-20-1913 associate Alderisio. lience cal neva lodge around 1961 (fewyrs) Perlman work Vernon Country Club Vernon Hills Il.10.)Buddy Greco admits that Marilyn Monroe at Cal Neva Lodge july28,1962 weekend and Mafia was there as well & infact he had pictures of himself with Monroe/Sinatra? 11.)George Jacobs Sinatra Valet admits that Marilyn Monroe at Cal Neva Lodge week july28,1962 also John Roselli - Sam Giancana with Frank Sinatra that they may of gangbang Marilyn next day she was upset saying words Sinatra got mad told his Entourage to kick marilyn out of Cal-Neva Lodge ?George Jacobs admits Marilyn Monroe lived 882 N Deheny Drive =1961 and 1962 jacobs lived there with actors /actresses Jeanne Carmen?