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Bob Mackie

Robert Gordon "Bob" Mackie (born March 24, 1940 in Monterey Park, California) is an American fashion designer, best known for his costuming for entertainment icons such as Cher, Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, and Mitzi Gaynor. He was the costume designer for The Carol Burnett Show during its entire 11 year run and designed the costumes for the 1993 television adaptation of Gypsy.
The Curtain Dress, worn by Carol Burnett on The Carol Burnett Show parody of Gone With The Wind.
Mackie is also known for his exclusive dress designs for collector's edition Barbie dolls.
Two of Mackie's best-remembered creations had a humorous aspect. While working on The Carol Burnett Show, he designed a "curtain dress" (complete with a curtain rod across the shoulders) that Carol Burnett wore in the Gone with the Wind parody: Went with the Wind. Mackie also designed the garish ensemble worn by Cher at the March 1986 Academy Awards: black stretch pants, a bejeweled loincloth, knee high boots, a black chainlink top, and a huge feathered Mohawk headdress that was one and a half times taller than her head. Introduced by Jane Fonda with the words, "Wait'll you see what's gonna come out here," Cher was appearing as a presenter after what many considered an Oscar snub (Cher was not nominated for her performance in Mask). "As you can see," said Cher, "I did receive my Academy booklet on how to dress like a serious actress."
Mackie is also known for designing costumes for Whitney Houston, especially splashy evening gowns which she wore for many years during concert tours and award shows and which became a significant element of her appearance.
Mackie is often called the sultan of sequins, or the rajah of rhinestones, known for his sparkling and imaginative costume designs. He has won nine Emmy Awards for his designs, and was thrice nominated for an Academy Award. He attended Pasadena City College and Chouinard Art Institute.
Mackie has said, "A woman who wears my clothes is not afraid to be noticed."
Mackie's business partner of nearly 50 years, award-winning costume designer Ray Aghayan, died on October 10, 2011.

Personal life

On 14 March 1960, Mackie married LuLu Porter (née Marianne Wolford), a singer, actress, and later an acting teacher. She had given birth to the couple's only child, a son, Robert Gordon Mackie Jr. (aka Robin Mackie), the previous year. The couple divorced in 1963, and Robin Mackie, a makeup artist, died in 1994 of an AIDS-related illness.

Notable Mackie clothing wearers

Some of the people who have worn Mackie's outfits include:

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