Friday, January 18, 2013

Diana Dors in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Run for Doom Full Episode

"Our love affair was too hot" coos lounge singer Nickie, heating up quickly when young Dr. Reed beckons her to his table. Her menacing combo leader Floyd warns the handsome physician off, but keeps his cool - his "boomerang baby" returned after each of three brief, lucrative marriages. The news that she's giving the physician's huge diamond a trial run (just to make Floyd jealous), kills Dr. Reed's father. Because naive Dr. Reed zooms from struggling to loaded, Nickie seizes his proposal. On their honeymoon voyage Nickie has a fling with an army officer, and when her drunken, seasick cuckold stumbles into them, their fight ends with the lover overboard. Blackmailing her husband for murder seems to deal Nickie an unbeatable hand. Dr. Reed looks ready to chuck in his cards, but the jilted pianist is hard to back off.


Bernard Girard


James Bridges (teleplay), Henry Kane (novel)


Alfred Hitchcock, John Gavin and Diana Dors |

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