Friday, August 29, 2014

Barbra Streisand to duet with the late Elvis Presley on new album Partners

Barbra Streisand is teaming up with the late great Elvis Presley for her new album.
The singer has announced the upcoming release of Partners, which will be made up entirely of duets.
And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Barbra will team up with the King Of Rock And Roll for a rendition of Love Me Tender, according to ABC News.
Barbara confirmed that all 12 duets on the album, which is set to hit the shelves on September 16, will be with male vocalists.
The 72-year-old will also be joining forces with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli and Michael Bublé.
And there’s something for everyone as other singers featuring on the record are John Mayer, John Legend, Blake Shelton, Babyface, Josh Groban and Jason Gould.
‘What an extraordinary collection of talent!’ Barbra gushed on her Instagram page as she shared the exciting news on Monday.
She also posted a picture of the simple album artwork, which features a photo of Barbra alongside the words ‘Streisand, Partners’ and a list of the stars she has collaborated with.
An exclusive video of Barbra’s It Had To Be You duet with Michael Bublé was shown that same day on Good Morning America.
 The clip shows the pair laying down their track together and separately, while an orchestra plays in the background.
Barbra and Elvis never collaborated while the rock star was alive, although the Way We Were actress had wanted him to appear in 1976’s A Star Is Born, with the role eventually going to Kris Kristofferson.
It was rumoured that Elvis, who was 42 when he died the year after the movie’s release, had been interested in the part but his manager had asked for top billing and a huge sum of money, which producers would not agree to.


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