Friday, April 15, 2011

Mae West Christmas Album

 Sometimes there is some interesting stuff on the back side of an album cover as evidenced on Ms West's Xmas album.

In 1966, Mae West was on a roll! Her earlier album release that year was "Way Out West", a minor hit on college campuses that featured songs like "When A Man Loves A Woman", "Shakin' All Over", and two Beatle covers (everyone was covering the Beatles in '66).

Quick to act before the momentum ran out, Mae went into the recording studio again to record this album. They probably rushed the recordings in order to get it out on time for Christmas (maybe why there's only eight songs on the album) but she gives each tune the FULL Mae West treatment.

This features 7 Christmas songs and the obligatory Beatle cover (With Love From Me To You).

In later years, this album was re-released under the title "Mae In December" (does anyone know what label it was released on?) and you can find copies of both occasionally on eBay and at MusicStack.

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